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Bath of the new born


Mar 21, 2016

WHO guidelines mention that the initial bath for term new born should be given 6 hours after birth. Any baby who is term and weighs more than 2.5 kgs could be given bath 6 hours after birth.In term IUGR babies only sponge bath is to be given until the baby,s weigth crosses 2.5kgs.There are some studies which have advocated bath after faltl of the umbilical cord.Bathing makes the baby calmer and quieter than washing with cloth or sponge .the tactile stimulation that occurs during bathing provides a pleasurable experience for the baby and promotes the bonding be between the baby and the parent or the care giver.


  • Should be given in a warm room.
  • The temperature of the bath water should not exceed 37.c.
  • Check the temperature of the water before placing the baby in the bath.
  • If the tub bath is given the depth of the water should be 5 cm up to the hip of the baby.
  • Bath tubs may be a potential source of infection, hence they must always be disinfected.
  • Bath duration should not exceed 5 mins in order to prevent over hydration of the skin and decrease threshold for injury.


Touch is considered absolutely essential for growth and development of a neonate. Lack of appropriate touch results in poor growth of the infant, delayed attachment to parents and a psychological disturbance. Systematic application of touch is termed as massage. Massage promotes circulation, suppleness and relaxation of the different areas of the body and tones up the muscles.Massage results in promotion of mother infant bonding.


  • Increases in food absorption hormones such as insulin.
  • Increased weight gain by increasing insulin and insulin like growth factor.
  • Greater bon mineralization and motor responses.
  • Babies become more active and alert.

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