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1-2 year routine

22 Mar 2016

Have your child eat during family meal. Continue to offer baby a variety of healthy foods. Baby can now take mostly table food Read More »»



22 Mar 2016

Looking good is not bad desire to have, but that cannot be the only important thing in life to have Read More »»


Bath of the new born

21 Mar 2016

WHO guidelines mention that the initial bath for term new born should be given 6 hours after birth. Read More »»


Breast feeding

20 Mar 2016

Give mother’s milk to every baby immediately after birth. Read More »»



19 Mar 2016

Most parents nowadays expect babies to behave like adults from the time they are born!.Every crying ,they think has a medical reason, and most of them want a medicine to help the baby to stop crying! - See more at: http://localhost/cmsblog/post/cryin Read More »»


EQ micro - skills

18 Mar 2016

Emotional self awareness ( recognizing emotions in oneself) Read More »»


Feed advice

17 Mar 2016

Weaning is a process of ‘making your baby accustomed to food other than the mother’s milk’. Read More »»


Infant skin care

16 Mar 2016

Skin is the largest organ in the human body with functions such as protective barrier function Read More »»


Nutritional advice

15 Mar 2016

Feeding lot of food only increases fat content of the body.To build muscle mass,kids must run,play,dance and exercise more.Encourage them to walk/run/cycle to school, do rope skipping. Read More »»



14 Mar 2016

Being a parent is one of the toughest but most rewarding jobs you’ll ever have. Read More »»

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