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Mar 15, 2016

  • Feeding lot of food only increases fat content of the body.To build muscle mass,kids must run,play,dance and exercise more.Encourage them to walk/run/cycle to school, do rope kipping.
  • Indian food has more rice and wheat .We need to increase dals(legumes) and vegetables and local fruits.
  • Nutrition monitoring bureau says majority of kids are malnourished .Weak kids get 25% less proteins,25% less carbohydrates or energy.But they get 90% less oil,needed to make hormones,vitamin D,cell wall of all cells etc.
  • Add a spoon of oil to each feed .Increase oil seed intake, especially soya beans, which have high oil and protein content. Soya beans should be roasted and made into a flour.Roasting will make the soya beans easy to digest.The flour can be added to every feed for nutritional benefits.
  • WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) says that in most developing countries like India most People are deficient in 5 micronutrients – iron, folic acid, B12, vitamin D and iodine. We have added iodine to salt.
  • Increase your intake of iron by using iron vessels for cooking.Increase folic acid intake by eating more leafy vegetables .Increase vitamin D by sunlight.
  • Milk has some B12.It is more in curds.

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